The key ingredients of aesthetic medicine are passion, team dedication, and a belief that what you do is worth the effort.

Dr. Ivana Vrbić is a doctor of dental medicine and a licensed doctor of aesthetic medicine (member of the Croatian Society for Facial Aesthetics, Croatian Medical Association). She is also an expert in PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma; AMSTA-Aesthetic medicine and surgery training). Our mission is to help you look and feel your best while aging gracefully.

What makes us special? Uniqueness. Each one of you, our future patients, is unique and deserves a unique and individualized treatment! Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and also in the hands of a talented aesthetic doctor.

" My desire to create works of living art captured in beautiful symmetry within the craft of aesthetic medicine. Simple. Elegant. Passionate"

dr. Ivana Vrbić

For the Premium Brand E S T H É T I Q U E N O I R E ®️, it is rightfully said to represent beauty with the signature of Dr. Ivana Vrbić.

Represents the ultimate symbol of quality, attracting the most discerning patients who seek only the best. Every aesthetic detail has been carefully conceived and executed, from design to performance, in order to achieve perfection in every aspect.

ESTHÉTIQUE NOIRE offers a personalized range of services for each patient. In addition to high-quality treatments and services, ESTHÉTIQUE NOIRE also focuses on educating its patients about skincare and aesthetic medicine, promoting a healthy lifestyle as the foundation for a good appearance.

PREMIUM Brand E S T H É T I Q U E N O I R E ®️ predstavlja novu dimenziju estetske medicine.

By breaking down the barriers of traditional beauty standards, this new dimension of aesthetic medicine offers endless possibilities for enhancing one’s unique characteristics and achieving personalized beauty goals.

Od različitih tretmana do naprednih nekirurških tehnika, umjetnost i znanost estetske medicine nastavljaju se razvijati, osnažujući pojedince da izgledaju i osjećaju se najbolje u svojoj koži.

The Premium Brand is owned by Dr. Ivana Vrbić and is registered with the State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia, in the Department for Trademarks and Industrial Designs, Application Number: Z20230090A, Class: 384-04/23-010/0090, Reg. No.: 559-03/2-23-002/JP, Class 44 - medical services, published in the Croatian Intellectual Property Gazette on February 17, 2023 (registered trademark ™️).